Introducing the Senate Democrats’ plan for building a clean economy for the American people

The climate crisis threatens our lives and livelihoods.

The evidence is clear: we must flatten the warming curve, and fast. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the U.S. National Climate Assessment, and other reports give us the scientific imperative for action.

Too much of the climate movement of the past…

This week, the Senate will vote on our amendment which would reverse the flow of lethal military equipment to local police departments.

The scene at the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct / Carlos Gonzalez

During the peaceful Black Lives Matter protests, local police turned our communities into war zones.

We all saw the terrifying images that dominated our screens. Police in military gear storming our streets. Combat vehicles rumbling down our city blocks. Tear gas unleashed on our neighbors.

These brutal crackdowns —…

Senator Brian Schatz joins Senators Cory Booker and Chris Murphy in front of the Congressional Budget Office on June, 22, 2017. They were at the Office in search of the Senate Republican health care bill, which was drafted in secret and had not yet been released. [Photo credit: Senator Schatz’s office]

You would think that, for the past seven years, the only complaint people had about the Affordable Care Act is that it hurts wealthy people. They seem to be the only people who stand to gain with the Republican Senate health care plan — they get a giant tax break.

Senator Brian Schatz

U.S. Senator from Hawaii

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